Oficina Mecanica Gravatai

These results of correlation analysis directed the importance of morphological characters and their significant positive impact on Grain Yield. The results of PCA showed that most variation (70%) among data set can be explained by the first five components. It also identified that Seeds/Spike; 1000-Grain Weight and Harvest Index have a higher influence in contributing to the durum wheat yield.
Abstract Using wire mesh live traps distribution pattern of the Rattus rattus and Mus musculus in different shops of three districts of Malakand region, Pakistan were recorded from September 2014 to October 2015. Regression of daily captures on cumulative captures revealed an estimate of 103 rodents from all the sampled structures with an average of 3.55 rodents per shop. Rattus; 83.4% of captures were numerically dominant in almost all types of shops sampled, and were significantly different than Mus musculus; 16.5% of captures. Both species were found together in some shops while they were mostly trapped from the separate shops. Abstract A new species of the genus Lutziella Yamaguti, 1971 is described here and named Lutziella swatensis sp.nov.

It is concluded that many factors are impacts on the diversity of native fishes, but alien species also play a major role to reduction of native species, because aliens’ species produce competition for native species. So it is urgent need to analysis the aliens and native food web and roosting sites in Pakistan, in future. Abstract Sucking pests are major threat to cotton field crop which cause unbearable losses to the crop yield. Aim of the current study was to record seasonal dynamics of major sucking insect pests including whitefly, jassid, thrips and their natural arthropod predators i.e. green lacewings and spiders in cotton field plots. The effects of surrounding field crops on pests’ density and predatory efficiency of predators were also recorded. For sampling and survey of insects, the visual counting was found to be the most efficient method for recording the abundance of insects, trailed by net sweeping and tapping.
As they are close to each other, it is worth taking a trip to this winery and trying it out. If you prefer fine wines with a traditional Italian flavor, getting to know Dom Cândido is a unique experience. On site, you can also take a tour of the grape plantations and better understand how the production of some of the best wines in the country works.

Clearly, Vismia japurensis has a high biotechnological potential in terms of the production of substances of low polarity with capacity to interfere in plant development. Abstract The viscera and other residues from fish processing are commonly discarded by the fishing industry. These by-products can be a source of digestive enzymes with industrial and biotechnological potential.
In plants with no RD, the P concentration in leaves of non-flooded plants was significantly higher than that of plants with RD. Soil flooding and RD did not influence leaf or root N concentrations or whole-plant N content. RD increased the K concentration in the roots, but not in the leaves. Changes in the nutrient concentrations in leaves and roots indicate that RD may affect physiological performance of seedlings after planting in the field. Abstract The present study objectified to evaluate the trophic relationships and the possible aggressive mimicry involving Carnegiella strigata, Carnegiella marthae and Gnathocharax steindachneri, in lowland forest streams.
Residents interviewed, 15 (62.5%) attended between 56 to 80 years, 11 interviewees about 46% were born in the community and 13 (54%) had a fundamentally incomplete nature. The species cited are related to numerous medicinal uses, among which there will be predominant associations associated with cardiovascular and inflammatory processes. It is perceived that medicinal plants are only widely used by this Quilombola community of and growth of the crops in the backyard are considered a tradition. Abstract Plants that produce secondary metabolites with allelopathic activity or phytotoxicity can be biotechnologically important, serving as sources of allelochemicals, and thus contributing to the agroindustrial sector.

In this study, we aimed at the extraction, characterization, and application of acidic proteases from the stomach of Carangoides bartholomaei . A crude extract from the stomachs was obtained and submitted to a partial purification process by salting-out, which obtained a Purified Extract with a specific proteolytic activity of 54.0 U⋅mg-1. The PE presents two isoforms of acidic proteases and a maximum proteolytic activity at 45 °C and pH 2.0. The PE acidic proteolytic activity was stable in the pH range of 1.5 to 7.0 and temperature from 25 °C to 50 °C. Purified Extract kept 35% of its proteolytic activity at the presence of NaCl 15% (m/v) but was totally inhibited by pepstatin A. Purified Extract aspartic proteases presented high activity in the presence of heavy metals such as Cd2+, Hg2+, Pb2+, Al3+, and Cu2+.
Toxicity was recorded using the lethality test with Artemia salina Leach . Cytotoxic activity of the extracts was assessed in vitro with acute monocytic leukemia cells (THP-1). Phytochemical analysis detected the presence of tannins, terpenes, steroids, polyphenols and flavonoids and the absence of alkaloids.

It was concluded that a 45% protein-based diet was the best feed formulation for higher production of Tor putitora. However, research on the same percentage of protein diet is recommended for yearlings. Abstract Plants possess a renewable source of metabolites with enormous chemical structural diversity, which may have potential therapeutic relevance. Furthermore, this chemical diversity favors the possibility of finding new and different chemical constituents with antimicrobial, antioxidant and anti-tumor activities.
In summary, this work indicates that in the basins with a higher concentration of toxic metals there is an adaptive response of CAT induction, which reduces TBARS in Aegla. On the other hand, in the basin with lower metallic contamination, TBARS occurrence was primarily influenced by agricultural land use. Abstract Vegetable oils have their specific physicochemical properties due to which they are playing vital role in human nutritional diet for health benefits. Cottonseed oil is obtained from various species of cotton seeds that are famous to be grown mainly for their fiber quality. It is obvious that the seeds of different variety of cotton vary as grown in diverse agroclimatic conditions with respect to oil, fats and protein contents. Cottonseed oil is routinely used for cooking and food manufacturing products.

Farmers should be encouraged and provide incentives and killing through current should be banned while proper hunting license should be issued to overcome overhunting. Scientific studies are required to control the reproduction of porcupine specifically in the more damaged oficina mecanica gravatai rs areas. Abstract Scorpionic accidents are a major public health problem due to the high occurrence with potential seriousness. In this manner, the research aimed to analyze the occurrence of scorpionic accidents in a municipality in the northeastern of Brazil.
Although the temperature in Serra Gaúcha starts to rise, it is always important to keep cold clothes in the suitcase, as the trip will be to a mountainous region. During October, the program for one of the main events in the region, held in Gramado, Natal Luz, begins. With ornaments, Christmas lights and shows every day, the month is ideal for those who want to know the attraction without finding the city full, already which is considered a mid-season period.
A feed with dietary protein levels of 35%, 40%, 45%, and 50% were prepared. The effect of different protein-based feed on weight gain, standard growth rate , food conversion ratio , percent weight gain, food conversion efficiency , and protein efficiency ratio was studied. An increase was observed in the growth rate with an increase in protein concentration up to 45%.

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