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I wrote a longer review but accidentally killed it by refreshing the page. It's the wearable version of L'Extreme (which I'd only wear if I were to actually go outside near or in foresty nature) with a not as intense sweet Resin note. People who say this smells like death must be city folk.
If you are interested in the duo--Original and Extreme please PM. The nostalgic ink and old stationary impression make this a work of art. Safe for a blind buy, but only if you know and like vetiver. If a very earth like fragrance it what you enjoy I would say this one is for you. The entire perfume composition of "Black Ink" could easily be a new form of the base of many great perfumes in the future. This perfume is suit to people like me who doesn't like crowd, just standing at the corner.

If I Remember correctly, I bought a bottle from Parfum1 during their 25% sale for less than $40. Testers are the same as the original perfumes you will find in original bottles. It becomes a bear to wear at this point because the nice Haitian vetiver is smothered with a TON of rough ISO-E Super. Its like turning on a loud white noise in the middle of listening to some good music. In with the cypress is a bourbon vetiver, much smoother than its rough textured Haitian vetiver sibling. It starts out with a densely green cypress note.
I love Guerlain’s vetiver too, and to me, it’s a perfect pick-me-up perfume. I should definitely try this one too since you rate it so highly. I love its nutty, smoky yet transparent character and that burnt sugar note is so special. If you’re after musky petals, then Pour Elle is a good choice, but if you want whisky soaked woods and salty licorice, just go over to the men’s section. Like most vetivers, Encre Noire has great longevity and presence, but unlike rich flowers or gourmand ambers, it’s not distracting. It means business and helps me get mine done. Yet, when I’m ready to relax, nothing is more seductive than a few drops of this dark vetiver under a silk camisole.

But that damned Iso E Super casts its spell of imperceptibility over the whole fragrance. I expected this to smell like being in a forest; instead it smells like being a mile downwind of the forest. Beautiful and just what I wanted in a vetiver fragrance.
mixing it with fougère or gourmand is the perfect combination. in my case I mixed it with Azzaro night time, Encre noir added more masculine effect to the mix, and night time make the mix less sharp than pure Encre.
They must have reasoned that the ladies need fruit and flowers, and Encre Noire was refashioned by perfumer Christine Nagel as a soft musky scent. Like any well-crafted perfume, Encre Noire is beautiful from all perspectives.

I haven't tried the Eau de Parfum, and don't plan to, given that it runs $750. I got my 50 ml Eau de Toilette at parfum1 for $42, and am perfectly happy with it. All our fragrance are 100% Genuine Authentic Hand Decanted Samples. DecantX carefully creates each sample in a secured and temporized lab. Using the highest quality glass vials and equipping every bottle with a spray top . Encore Noire by Lalique is composed by the perfumer, nose Nathalie Lorson. The iconic black bottle of Encre Noire by Lalique was meticulously designed back in 2006.
The entire Frederic Malle collection was a sensation when it was released in 2002. I remember trying it for the first time and it was Dominique Ropion’s smoky vetiver which exerted the strongest pull upon me. It was also the first bottle I purchased from the line.

And it's wearable for day and night, giving me a masculine authority feel. I gave this two years of use before reviewing. I say this is a dressy vetiver scent for those that read more prefer refined style. It dresses up nicely, some have said "black tie" I say just anything formal. Smells so much like niche quality, I am shocked at the low price.
After reading many of the colorful reviews about Encre Noire and graveyards and vampires, I kept checking behind the curtains to find where the coffin was hidden. But except for the bottle, it's not that dark for me.

As soon as you spray it, you can see the shiny oils that come out of that elegant black bottle. However, the opening has an extremely strong Vetiver note.
Sprayed too much on my first go and it was a borderline nauseating experience. More synthetic than expected, with ink coming through a lot. Brings to mind accidentally ending up with a mouthful of ink after chewing on the end of biro. There is a kind of sickened, chemical, deep sea mood to it, like a dark green nautical-themed kids' shampoo/shower gel. It has good longevity and projection as well. I am looking to part with my used bottles on the cheap.
They are so similar that I don’t need more Encre Noir as I own a huge bottle of the much cheaper Bath and Body Works Black, but I love both. If you want a smoked wood that isn't ashy, harsh or difficult to wear, this would be one. I am female and don't find it too masculine, but I also am not a huge lover of floral gourmands either. It is a very deep and rich woody scent that has proven to be quite on the controversial side of things. There are not alot of fragrances like Encre Noir and I am not sure if thats a good or a bad thing. While it definetly has its charm for being so different, espacially in this price categroy, it is also more on the boring side of things when it comes to complexity.

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