Cotemar Al Servicio De La Industria Petrolera

MEXICO CITY (Reuters) - At least 4 individuals died after a hearth broke out on an oil platform in the Gulf of Mexico early on Wednesday, leading to the evacuation of 302 employees, Mexican state-run oil firm Pemex stated. Cotemar Mexico played an important position in the success of PEMEX of their offshore oil subject growth projects by way of their specialised vessels. In addition to developing and supporting petroleum operations within the country, Cotemar Mexico also gives companies to a lot of oil giants across the globe. Working in Cotemar Mexico is actually an excellent opportunity for the workers as they get to work in a challenging and rewarding surroundings on the identical time.
Cotemar was based about 37 years ago Its intention at the time was to be a service provider for the oil industry in Mexico. Cotemar has developed a big fleet of over 30 vessels that makes it possible for the corporate to offer these services. Cotemar is consistently seeking new ways to broaden its services within the oil industry. Cotemar has had a optimistic impression on the oil & gasoline business in Mexico and past.

With a purpose to maintain a direct relationship with our partners at COTEMAR we've got created an online portal the place all the mandatory information to perform all purchasing cycles can be found. The first goal of Cotemar is to make sure its staff are experiencing significant progress in their careers Cotemar has set aside a considerable quantity of assets for growing the potential of its staff. Its employees can perform jobs that need high performance each offshore and on land.
Cotemar Mexico was established in 1979 as S.A. de C.V in Mexico that had a particular objective of creating the oil sector within the country with its support providers on The corporate supplies a wide array of services to the Mexican oil trade, and its services embrace however do not embody to Accommodation and Catering, Specialised Maritime Vessels Services in addition to Building, Upkeep, and Engineering services to develop and maintain oil fields within the sea.

Cotemar Mexico has at all times targeted on making certain sustainability in every facet of its operation at -cotemar/ For the same function, the corporate has constructed up a large workforce who're extremely skilled and skilled of their career. Algunas deberán resolver los conflictos de tierras que heredan del operador anterior (Pemex), acostumbrado a solventar las demandas sociales a billetazos, como es el caso que padece Cotemar en Veracruz. The fireplace, which burned all through the day, erupted overnight on the Abkatun Permanente platform within the oil-wealthy Bay of Campeche.
Cotemar strives to be a sustainable firm by participating in new enterprise sectors within the oil industry on a worldwide scale and capitalizing on emerging opportunities. Initially, Cotemar operated as an oil service company earlier than expanding their portfolio to supply offshore providers within the oil & fuel business. In 1981, Cotemar strengthened its place in the marketplace by buying more specialised transport vessels for supplies and personnel.
Cotemar gives their providers by means of three strategic lines for a large number of market segments comparable to Maintenance, Construction, Lodging and Catering, Modernization, and Specialized Vessel and Maritime Help. At first, Cotemar serviced the energy sector, however Cotemar at present it's a main large provider for the oil and gas trade When it was first established forty years ago, Cotemar serviced with Lodging and catering. In 2013 Cotemar expanded their geographical reach and began development on Atlantis.

Among other capabilities Cotemar takes accountability for, they provide offshore accommodation and catering , with services that embody nourishment, cleansing of widespread areas (together with gymnasiums, cinemas, basketball courts, and TV rooms), laundry providers and bedding providers. The success experienced by Cotemar has been as a result of the strong management system that runs this specific establishment. Cotemar operates under many guiding principles that help streamline its operations.
Cotemar Mexico played a vital position in the success of PEMEX in their offshore oil area improvement tasks by means of their specialized vessels. Along with creating and supporting petroleum operations within the country, Cotemar Mexico also supplies companies to plenty of oil giants across the globe. Working in Cotemar Mexico is really an ideal opportunity for the employees as they get to work in a challenging and rewarding atmosphere at the same time.

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