Best Colognes For Men

Floral notes like lotus, magnolia and peony are included in the perfume to give it a fresh and appealing scent. Jasmine is one of the main floral notes in the perfume, and the beautiful scent of Rose de Mai is in the perfume as well. This scent is both bold and demure, helping you relay the right message to that special someone. It’s a perfume that turns men on because the floral notes are balanced and not too overpowering. This dark and intoxicating fragrance by Tom Ford is one of the best perfumes for women that men love.
The plum is related to both the peach and the cherry - and you can tell. We've blended it with raspberry, pear, and clove notes to create a fragrance which is both fresh, yet works well for fall.

The perfume has flowery, vanilla and powdery scents, making it both delightful and provocative. Vanilla is a known aphrodisiac and is appealing to men because it reminds them of food and has a sweet yet complex smell. The fragrance comes in a beautiful glass bottle and is a light pink color, which compliments the black flower-shaped spray nozzle. This is a full-bodied perfume that is great for casual occasions. Orange tree and bergamot are the bright, citrus notes in the fragrance.
It is a blend of all kinds of melons and tomatoes with some additional blending notes thrown in for good measure. Tomato Leaf is rounded out with lemon-lime top notes, fresh leafy herbaceous middle notes and a wonderfully rich and earthy base. It has a base note of a sweet and warm musk with floral top notes of Jasmine and Lilac.

Overall, what you are looking at is a fantastic combination of sweet and sultry, a silky combination of masculine scents that is sure to please the senses. This works well as a daytime or nighttime fragrance, perfect for the office or out in town. Reviewers love this scent, but it is a little more expensive than your run of the mill bathroom colognes.
For this list, I tried to choose perfumes for teenage girls or college students which run the gamut of styles. I have selected plenty visit here of inexpensive scents as well as some which are more expensive so that you can find a perfect fragrance within your budget.

Everything's built around it, and the other notes are just there to embellish it. I think the best way I could describe the orchid is a kind of dark, dusty powdery masculine floral note with hues of gray violet and darker pastel pinks. It's fragrant, a touch sweet in an elegant, floral sort of way , but also a bit gray, dusty, and sensual.
An aquamarine toned bottle and a cobalt cap give this fragrance the perfect flash of blue, reminiscent of deep sea diving. Well, it’s fruity and citrusy with a warm floral twist. Top notes of petitgrain, citruses and basil make for a promising introduction, and it is carried out with middle notes of black pepper and lavender. Base notes of labdanum, Virginian cedar and vetiver ensure the fragrance is masculine and powerful, lending some grit to the other delicate notes.
Jasmine and ylang ylang are entwined with rich green citrus and punctuated by ozone and the earthiness of thick moss. This is a unisex scent that will appeal to both men and women alike and would be a great choice for soaps or candles.

Compare this to summer fragrances which have lighter notes such as lemon, bergamot, clementine and thyme. Lavender is the perfect blend of sweetness and fruity. It’s a delicious scent that is captivating to both sexes, and a popular scent that we find in most of our favorite perfumes. Men absolutely love the smell of Lavender, and it’s also a useful ingredient in fighting against impotence. With an incredible light and fresh notes, Chloe New has longevity of about eight hours. It features the notes of musk, marigold, narcissus, orange blossom, vanilla, and Plumeria. Experience the balancing act and wear it any time of the day.
Far better than its flanker Guess Seductive Homme Blue, but that honestly isn't saying much. A sugary, synthetic, droning Skittles meets $1 generic bag of plastic coated gummy-bears at the local grocery store. Performance here is impressive for a Guess fragrance, with 5-8 hours pretty standard and projection decent the whole way through. The problem is, nobody under 18 wants to smell like this ; and the only one's that do are teenage girls. Once you hit the heart things completely collapse on men. With women this is more wearable, especially teens with a taste for the sickly sweet, it really does smell like synthetic American fruit candy.

The peach really brings out the light floral smell and they combine beautifully. The base of Live Luxe is sandalwood, amber, and vanilla. The vanilla as the base is quite unique and is the main reason we added Live Luxe to the list of the best perfumes for women that men love. The vanilla adds a sweet aspect versus a masculine smell to the end of this perfume. If you have ever wondered which cologne makes the ladies gush over the way a man smells, its this one.
It’s top note of Calabrian bergamot immediately puts the wearer into a happy mood and floods the senses with sunlight. The acidic sweetness is mixed with spicy cardamom and brought down to earth by oak moss and white amber, two warm musky ingredients that help to soothe the bite of citrus. It’s a radiant combination that is ideal for a trip to the boardwalk or a backyard pool party. The best summer-appropriate fragrances will contain at least one of these ingredients. Lighter accords like citrus and herb (or “green” scents in some cases) will often be the top note, which means it’s the first thing you smell when you spritz.

Even so, it’s a great scent for a day running errands or for spending time with that special someone. This light and the airy floral scent is a great springtime perfume, but since it’s an Eau de Toilette spray, it doesn’t have the longevity or sillage that other spring perfumes might have. It’s intended to be sprayed on quickly for a day of running around, this fragrance has a scent profile that isn’t specifically unique, but is very feminine and alluring. Contained in a modern bottle that’s very attractive to display, this woman’s perfume attempts to make a statement about modern sensuality. It contains lush green, pomegranate and persimmon top notes, and its heart notes consist of lotus blossoms, champak flowers, and black orchid. At its base are solid notes of not only amber but also cream and mahogany as well. First released in 2003, Bvlgari Eau Parfumee Au the Blanc is designed as a unisex perfume that can be worn and enjoyed by both men and women.

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